Our duty to being a socially responsible business goes beyond compliance. A significant amount of what we do is geared towards the employability of our clients, from university undergrads to those transitioning to finance and investment from a different industry.

We are committed to supporting a new generation of the financially educated. To date we have given over 40 free courses to those you need them most. 2018 saw the launch of the Horizon Employability Week – where we take interns and place them in the top local finance companies.


The Horizon Institute mentoring programme is about quality conversations that encourage, enable and empower people to look at things differently. It’s not designed to be viewed as an alternative to structured mentoring which is linked to an established professional development plan and facilitated through Learning & Development.

Our big opportunity here is to create a culture of informal mentoring that helps our people and users to challenge their assumptions, explore new ideas or different ways of thinking or simply viewing things from a different perspective to achieve a positive outcome.