Monday 19th – March Horizon founder Karl Ahlstedt met with Bethan Sayed, Welsh AM to discuss the need for further government policy on financial education and how this should be embedded across the national curriculum.

During the meeting, Bethan commented on the need to raise the issue of Financial Education with all Welsh politicians, and Horizon are preparing questions in conjunction with Bethan for Assembly Minister Kirsty Williams at the Senydd. This will raise the issue at a national level and across parties. Horizon firmly believes that this is an issue that can unite different political parties together.

Additionally, a conference call is planned with Professor Graham Donaldson of the University of Glasgow to better understand the Welsh curriculum, of which Donaldson created. Horizon is doing this to raise awareness of potential gaps in the current syllabus, and to enhance our own course content to create the first comprehensive financial education course in Wales. Find out more at:

The Assembly Minister noted she would be reaching to local authorities in Wales, such as Plaid Cymru lead local authorities, to see if meetings could be scheduled at a local level. This could provide the LA’s with a robust and enhanced solution to the problem of financial education locally. Horizon are pioneering the content at a local level, before rolling out across the UK.

More information was found about how teacher training operates within schools, and as a response for this Horizon have decided to change the scheduling of potential courses to make it more accessible for local teachers who wish to attend.

Also discussed was a homelessness event, as part of Horizon’s aim to address local and national problems. This is in relation to potential charity opportunities, where sessions could be provided to employees of Shelter Cymru, such as social workers or psychologists, who work with those at risk of homelessness. The main feeling is that while in Wales local authorities and the NHS address medical and social issues well, there is no effective solution to financial issues faced by the target demographic. Horizon aims to deliver inexpensive training solutions to people in need.

A multitude of solutions and ideas came from the meeting, including an invitation to discuss financial education at the Senydd building before Assembly Ministers vote, which will allow Horizon to get the message out to a wide audience of significant figures in politics.

Meeting with an Assembly Minister demonstrates a considerable success for Horizon, alongside its aims to engage with local politics and create change at local and national levels.