This seminar was coordinated by Enterprise Manager Kathryn Penaluna and Level 5 Manager & Lecturer in Information Systems Management Chris Thomas.

The content of this seminar was designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, by showcasing how technology and innovation in financial services is occurring today, and by examining where it might go in the future.

Covering a range of topics from big data and fintech to algotrading, AI, hyper-personalisation and future trends, the students gained an insight into the challenges companies in this sector face today and how they can prepare themselves for this job market upon graduation.


Founded in late 2017, hioim.com is quickly establishing itself as the market leader of bespoke and start-to-finish solutions for aspiring traders of the financial markets.

Karl Ahlstedt commented: “Business and finance has always been my strong suit, and I’ve built up considerable experience, academically at UWTSD and professionally working in asset management. During this tenure I saw time and time again where normal people signed up for overpriced courses in the private education market that taught fundamentally flawed content. It was this paradoxical fallacy that became the crux on which I started The Horizon Institute.

Karl continued: “It is great to be back visiting the business school, and we really appreciate the opportunity to come and speak to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Moving forward we hope to collaborate closely with the University as our business grows”.

Since 2017, Horizon is on track opening up accredited CPD courses across Wales in locations based in Swansea and Cardiff. The successful debut of events around the country prove that there is a market for a high quality, no non-sense approach to training the next generations of day traders, market makers, and fund managers.