Investing in Shares

Investing in Shares
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Learn to:

  • Find the right Stockbroker for your needs
  • Step-by-Step guide to buying your first stock
  • Choose the right stocks for you
  • Monitor your long-term performance

How to understand the game – and play to win

The financial markets are intimidating to beginners, but when it comes to securing your financial future, shares can out perform most other financial assets. The fun, straight to the point way to gain the skills you need to make profitable investments, Investing in Shares, 1st Edition teaches you the basics of smart investing.

The author of this book provides an insight into investing from an experts point of view, while laying bare the facts.

Understand the Market – Learn what shares are and how the wider financial market is made up
Start the right way – Learn how to manage expectations and glean an insight into the psychology of trading and investing
Choose the right companies – Learn how to sort the good companies from the bad, and how to make sense of companies financial data
Develop your strategy – Learn some of most successful investing strategies of all time, including the strategy used by investment guru Warren Buffet
Spot the latest opportunities – Stay up to date on the latest financial coverage, as well as inside tips on investing in UK Shares.
Keep more of your money – Learn how to trade with zero transaction costs.

Inside this book you will find:

  • An updated 2018 guide to investing in stocks and shares
  • How to do analysis on the key markets
  • Tips on how to find the right broker
  • Choose the right stocks
  • The most successful investment strategies
  • Risk management techniques
  • Psychological impacts
  • How to tell if a share price is likely to rise or fall