Trading journal for equities


Ideal for traders of every stage

A trading journal is a must-have tool for every serious trader who wants to survive and thrive in this business. The Horizon Trading Log helps you reveal and overcome any weak spots in your trading.

  • Ideal for new traders, it helps you avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • For advanced traders; fine-tune every component of their system individually
  • Develop more discipline with our instant-feedback tools
  • Keeping a trading journal can be a fun and rewarding experience


We meet new traders all the time, and one problem area that stands out is how few new traders utilise a trading log to help them remain consistently profitable over long term time horizons.

The overall importance of this cannot be understated – having a tool that allows us to track our key trading metrics whilst providing an insight into our past activity can open up a host of new ways to improve our trading.

It is interesting to understand why new investors fail to pick this up, and the answers are usually simple.

There is so much information & data out there, so much so that vital tools are not picked up by those new to trading the financial markets.

New traders typically have poor risk management strategies – this leads to a lack of attention given to professional tools and analytics.

Lack of a solid trading plan – beginners like to jump in at the deep end and learn as they go, this is usually very risky as no trading plan is made prior to becoming active in the markets.

Lack of automation – there are automated solutions out there, Bloomberg provides first class trading journal templates that can be easily integrated with excel. But this is at a cost of $25,000 a year.

If you want to trade the way Wallstreet does, then developing a trading log to help with risk management and maintaining a trading plan is a necessity.


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