National Express: Deep-Dive Analysis

The investment thesis here is simple: competent management leveraging operational team excellence, while adding value through corporate activities (think branding, tech stack and contract wins). The upside is a downtrodden share price providing a favourable entry point to a leading participant in the sector.
"The world has fundamentally changed" was the opening line of CEO Ben van Beurden this morning before he went on to "rebase" (read: cut) the Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) dividend from $0.47 to $0.16 cents per share.
Recent declines from circa £70 per share to circa £50 per share merited a renewed analysis of Games Workshop. The fundamentals remain solid, with the company well positioned to deal with any uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Walgreens Boots Alliance: Deep-Dive Analysis

Walgreen Boots Analysis April 2020

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John Deere: Upbeat or Downtrodden?

We take a look at at John Deere and provide an up to date analysis for April 2020.

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A review of Gold 2020: So why has gold risen in value in recent months? Here are two reasons to consider.

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Horizon's Top 3 Stocks to Watch in 2020

We take a look back at our 2019 portfolio, and the year ahead.

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Is Gold the Safe Haven Answer to Brexit?

The UK is still in turmoil as Brexit negotiations continue with a no-deal outcome becoming more likely.

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Apple: To The Stars?

Apple continues to broaden its appeal via a strong services based lineup through 2019. This is on the back of a strong balance sheet and favorable growth prospects over the next decade delivering meaningful value to shareholders.

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Sproutly: Game Changing?

Sproutly Analysis: Sproutly has developed a water-soluble format with potential applications in the cannabis beverage industry.

Microsoft: Love The Company, Hate The Price

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is up 18.8% YTD boasting a market cap of $915bn; this is largely due to positive factors that are in the author's opinion largely priced in.

The Magic At Merlin Entertainment

Listed on the LSE, Merlin Entertainment is in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry with enhanced expertise in the visitor attractions sub-sector that provides the mainstay of the group's activities.
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