Spotify: The Good, Bad And Ugly

Spotify clearly has a first-mover advantage in the realms of music streaming, but with increasing competition from technology giants that possess both competency and war chests measured in the tens of billions, Spotify remains a high-risk high-reward play.

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Change is on the Horizon

The website has been overhauled in recent months to produce a number of improvements to user experience. We have added two new products, the Masterclass in the courses section and a trading log in the new tools section and much more.

Electronic Arts: An Apex Alpha

Recent developments at Electronic Arts provide a glimpse of the possible turn around investors can expect over the next two to five years, notably demonstrated by runaway success Apex Legends.

WPP: The Next Sector Collapse?

The current state of WPP remains as divided as the summary of this article. Recent months indicate a flatlining in share price, down just over 48% from the 12-month peak.

Activision Blizzard's Killer Expansion

Legacy issues of Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) are being rapidly addressed, providing additional and immediate positive sentiment in the company, while increasing the scope of opportunities to grow both revenues and profits moving forward.

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Games Workshop Analysis

This post is a quick analysis on estimating Games Workshops intrinsic value using simple fundamental analysis tools such as P/B and P/E, two staples in my world of investment finance.

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Merlin Entertainment Company Analysis December 2018. This report explores the business model, and the authors analysis on both the good and the bad on the company as it moves through 2019.

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Trading Logs

We meet new traders all the time, and one problem area that stands out is how few new traders utilise a trading log to help them remain consistently profitable over long term time horizons.

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The Data Revolution: From Open Banking to GDPR

The data revolution: from open banking to GDPR – The way Europe does business has changed.

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Why Investing Matters: Part 1

A Comprehensive Guide on Why Investing Matters

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Today we want to talk about – a company we have been watching in recent months, and with an upcoming launch we wanted to help spread the word.

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A Day in the Life of a Stock Trader

What does a stock trader actually do? Find out here.
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