Investing in Shares: The Beginners Stock Trading Course

Early Access Release: 14th April 2018


Today we are delighted to announce the launch of Investing in Shares: The Beginners Stock Trading Course here. This course has been a work in progress since the release of our book Investing in Shares: The Definitive 101 published March 29th, 2018.


The course provides seamless integration from our book (Available for free here) and builds upon the knowledge gained by introducing practical steps and processes that a professional trader would follow at an investment bank or hedge fund.


The Course Today:


Chapter based content: over 14,000 words
Number of topics: 12
Presentation slides: over 60
Worksheets: 1


The Course at Launch:


Chapter based content: over 17,000 words
Number of topics: 15
Presentation slides: over 150
Worksheets: 15
Audio: 140+ minutes of voice over


Stretch Goals (planned, but not promised):
140 minutes of animated explainers
140 minutes of live event recording


The Subjects:


Idea Generation: The first step is finding a great company


  • Top Down
  • Bottom Up


Fundamental Analysis: The second step is finding a great company at a fair price


  • Company Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow


Technical Analysis: The third step is avoid buying when its crashing, or selling when its soaring


  • Candlesticks
  • Chart Analysis
  • Trend Analysis


Indicators: Keep up to date with wider events by using key indicators.


  • Macro Indicators
  • Micro Indicators


Equity Portfolio Management: It’s unlikely we will hold the same stock forever, assessment and evaluation is the final step to building a solid trading portfolio.


  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation


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Who do we recommend this course for?


It’s accessible to any new trader but especially those who have read Investing in Shares and want to take the next step in building a systematic approach to trading that is similar to how hedge-funds operate.


In Summary:


This course is for new investors looking to take the first steps towards trading stocks and shares.


The How to Invest in Shares programme is designed as the follow up to the book Investing in Shares: The Definitive 101 which can be found here.


It is designed for those who want to develop a better understanding of the practical steps required to trade sensibly and responsibly within the financial markets.

Early Access - Investing in Shares: The Course