Change is on the Horizon

Change is on the Horizon 

The website has been overhauled in recent months to produce a number of improvements to user experience. We have added two new products, the Masterclass in the courses section and a trading log in the new tools section and much more. 

Two New Products:

Masterclass In Investing

The Investment Management Masterclass is designed around a Masters in Finance with a strong emphasis on trading and investment management. It is designed for those seeking to work in the investment industry, as it prepares students for roles such as Investment Analyst, Fund Manager and Proprietary Trader. Learn more here

Trading Log – Our first Trading Tool

A trading journal is a must-have tool for every serious trader who wants to survive and thrive in this business. The Horizon Trading Log helps you reveal and overcome any weak spots in your trading. Learn more here.


Re-designed from the ground up!

New colors, new designs, and new technology. The 2019 Horizon website is the best yet, with continued improvements across 2019.

Added PayPal – Popular Request

In addition to credit and debit card payments we now accept PayPal as a form of payment across our full range of products and services.

Added extra delivery formats to include both web and email

Previously we shipped most of our products digitally straight into your inbox, today we still do that, but we now provide a web portal to access all purchased products at any time, anywhere.

Improved Content Pipeline

We created the functionality for non-technical members to post courses, tools, and blog posts, thereby reducing the lag between content creation and content delivery to our users. This applies to the newsletter as well, which allows us to take a more flexible approach in how we deliver our best insights and analysis direct to your inbox.

Added New Partners

These are the folks of the internet who syndicate content produced by us, including insights, analysis and price targets. New additions in 2019 include:
NASDAQ, CNBC, MarketWatch, Interactive Brokers, Bloomberg, Zacks and Seeking Alpha.


Horizon is now an official contributor to Seeking Alpha

We now publish a variety of articles to Seeking Alphas website of 20 million annual users on an exclusive basis. The best picks will be displayed on the Horizon blog as we experiment with this new platform.

Design Update

The blog has been updated in-line with the site-wide design changes to further enhance its visual aesthetics.

Horizon 2020

We have big plans for the months ahead, with a few features set in stone on our roadmap we’re able to share a few of the things we are working on.

Quiz Functionality:

Being able to score understanding through traditional multiple-choice based tests is a key criterion for measuring a students core competency post-course. It allows us to distinguish between the best performers and award certificates based on that.

More Content!

There will be an increase in the amount of free content we release via our newsletter and blog, including a more consistent content schedule and additional email delivery cycles that allows us to tailor our content to a specific user based on things like purchase history.

Further plans to roll out additional tools, courses and more remain underway – but its still to early to tell what will make the final cut for releases. More on that soon.