Trading Logs

We meet new traders all the time, and one problem area that stands out is how few new traders utilise a trading log to help them remain consistently profitable over long term time horizons.

Why Investing Matters: Part 1

A Comprehensive Guide on Why Investing Matters

A Day in the Life of a Stock Trader

What does a stock trader actually do? Find out here.

Growth of the FinTech Sector in Wales

Why Wales? A decade ago it was all but non-existent, today it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Welsh economy
This guide will look at the strategies accessible to new investors, and how to apply it in a way that makes sense for you.

Binary Options Education

Lets take a few steps back, what is binary options trading and how does it work?

Free Stock Trading Training

Free Stock Trading Guide

Investing 101: Stocks & Shares Basics

An introduction to Investing in Shares

Spiritus Animalis

The Psychology of Animal Spirits and how to manage this risk Coined by the renowned economist John Maynard Keynes.